COVID-19 and Spitz Groom


The following is a summary of how we are keeping ourselves and our customers safe from COVID-19:

a) We will notify you as soon as possible and will not attend work if we (or anyone we have had contact with) has a confirmed case of COVID-19, has symptoms of COVID-19, or are awaiting on test results for COVID-19.

b) We wear masks at all times while indoors.

c) Our team are all fully vaccinated.

d) We offer a QR check-in facility for the Services Victoria contact tracing app, and ensure all visitors to the site sign in.

e) We practice hand hygiene by frequently washing and sanitising our hands.

f) Our salon is disinfected daily, using medical-grade disinfectants which are designed to target COVID-19. Our tools are sterilised after each dog using a UV steriliser.

g) We offer contactless drop-off and pick-up procedures.


Should there be a requirement for you to come in to the salon, we request that you also comply with our protocols above as applicable.

We would appreciate your understanding on this matter as it will help us in maintaining our salon as a low-risk environment. These protocols will remain in place until such time that the pandemic severity in Victoria is lessened.

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Questions and Feedback

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