Microbubble Bath

Spitz Groom has invested over $10k in specialised clinical-grade equipment, and is one of few salons in Australia which offer Microbubble treatments!!



What is a 'Microbubble Treatment'?

Specialised equipment is used to transform a standard tub of (warm) tap water into a bath full of microscopic bubbles. While these bubbles are microscopic and individually smaller than a single blood cell, the millions of bubbles combined change clear bath water into a milky WHITE colour. Because of this unusual property, it has earned the nick name of a 'milky bath'. 

Take a look at this brief video...

During the groom, your dog will be washed at minimum twice (with a suitable shampoo) prior to the microbubble treatment to ensure maximum efficacy. We can supply non-medicated shampoos, however if your dog has prescribed (medicated) shampoo, please bring this in.

After the microbubble bath, your dog will be conditioned, rinsed off and then dried. 


How does it work?

Microbubbles work through a process called cavitation, where the bubbles collapse and release energy upon contact. This energy helps to break down and lift away dirt particles (as well as other debris such as oils, dander or allergens) without the need for harsh chemicals or excessive scrubbing.

As the microbubbles come into contact with the dog’s skin, they are able to dislodge any sebum (or other organic matter) which might be clogging the pore entrances. Once the entrance to the pore is accessible, the microbubbles work their way down the hair follicle, cleaning as they go.

Because the microbubbles are so small, and energised, they are able to penetrate all the way down the hair follicle, offering a more superior clean than shampooing or even a soak in the spa bath.

The below diagrams demonstrate the capability of a microbubble treatment with diagram A representing the first stage of microbubbles making their way to the skin surface, and then diagram B representing the reach of microbubbles and how they are able to effectively remove the organic matter. 


In the following example, you can see the before and after images of the skin of one of our canine clients who had not been washed for over 1 year. The 'before' image was actually after three rounds of shampoo, where we could still see a build up of stubborn skin cells and crusted sebum (oils). The next image shows the same area after a microbubble bath.


What does a treatment involve?

Microbubble treatments involve a 30 - 45 min soak in a bath which has been filled with 'microbubbles'. This is an add-on service to a full groom which allows us to achieve the deepest clean possible for your dogs skin and pores.


Should my dog have a Microbubble treatment?

Yes! We strongly recommend adding a microbubble treatment to your dogs' groom as it helps to stimulate blood circulation and promotes a healthier skin and coat. A microbubble treatment also assists in releasing stubborn dead coat and compacted coats as well as reducing the amount of shedding post groom (as reported to us by our clients).

The cleansing action of microbubbles can be particularly beneficial for dogs with:

- Sensitive skin

- Allergies (typically causing redness and irritation)

- Dry skin (especially common in winter)

- Alopecia

- Fungal skin conditions


How often should my dog have a microbubble treatment?

Each and every pet along with their skin condition is going to be different as there are so many variables.

For dogs with severe skin allergies, frequent bathing is often prescribed, and we have seen great success in alleviating redness and itching from giving weekly microbubble baths over the course of 6-12 weeks.

We are more than happy to work with your veterinarian or dermatology specialist in supporting your dog live a happy and comfortable life. For severe cases where weekly bathing is necessary, we will offer a discounted service. 


How do I book my dog in for this treatment?

Visit our online booking portal, and select 'microbubble treatment' as an 'add on service' to a full groom. 



I want to know more...

Please feel free to contact us for more information.