What's included?

Appointments are booked based on the average amount of time taken to groom your dog breed. If we think we will go over the allocated time, we will seek permission to continue.


For a 'full groom', we will aim to complete the following during one appointment:

- Wash (including ear clean and face scrub)

- Blow dry

- Comb & Brush (we will try to de-shed your dog as much as possible in the allocated time. If a dog is in poor condition, please understand that the time spent on this will vary according to time available)

- De-matt (no clipping, unless this is absolutely essential and we have your permission)

- Trim nails

- Trim footpads

- Optional Extra: Trim foot fur to ‘cat-foot’ finish

- Optional Extra: Trim a ‘clearing path’ around the anus

- Optional Extra: Application of 'Soft Paw' nail caps (to front only, or front and back)


Our grooming rate is all inclusive of coat-appropriate shampoos, conditioning treatments and topical serums using premium grooming products such as Plush Puppy, Isle of Dogs, iGroom and ProGroom.

We offer our doggy visitors a range of premium single protein (preservative free) treats while they are in our care (and water of course!!) to assist in gaining a positive association with us. Where allergies are present, we request that owners remind us on drop-off. 


It is the responsibility of dog owners to ensure their dogs are up to date on flea protection. In the event that flea's are found on your dog, a surcharge of $20 will be charged to cover the cost of additional sanitisation.Owners of any other dogs' that are visiting us on the same day will also be notified, and be provided with a complimentary flea rinse just to be on the safe side.