Venison Jerky
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Venison Jerky

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Our Premium Venison Jerky is rich in protein and is very, very lean.

The quality of the raw products we use to manufacture and the high standard that we manufacture put us in a class of our own and make this treat a mouth-watering delightful snack. 

  • 100% venison meat
  • Single ingredient
  • All-natural with no added colours, flavours, or preservatives
  • Sourced from human consumption Australian venison processor
  • Premium high-grade quality
  • Nutrition packed
  • Low fat -great for dogs with pancreatitis
  • Low in calories
  • Excellent omega-6 to omega 3 ratio
  • Essential vitamins & minerals: High in Zinc, Iron, B12 & 6
  • Strengthen the immune system

Our treats have more nutrition compared to other processors, including some freeze-dried products. The Nutrieseal drying process lock in all the flavour, nutrients, and aroma, enhancing all the goodness. Not like other heat drying/air drying systems that cook your product and denature the nutritional values or freeze-dried products that do not have the capacity to pasteurise the products to deal with any harmful bacteria’s unless it is cooked first. A heat-treated process is required for any meat product to pasteurise and deal with harmful bacteria’s. 

Note that we do not monitor stock quantities of this item due to the fluctuation of stock. In the instance where we do not have sufficient inventory to fulfill your order, we will inform you to discuss.

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