Sustainable Salons

We're thrilled to announce that Spitz Groom is now an official "Sustainable Salon!" After careful consideration, we've decided to join this incredible initiative because we believe in creating a healthier world for our furry friends and our planet.

Your $3 contribution makes a BIG difference:


Combats landfill waste: We divert up to 95% of our waste through recycling, keeping tons of materials out of landfills.


Supports people with disabilities: Our pre-sorted waste is processed by "super-sorters" with intellectual or physical disabilities, providing them with meaningful work and social interaction.


Feeds the hungry: 100% of profits from recycled materials goes to OzHarvest (NZ: Kiwi Harvest) to help feed those in need.


Protects the environment: 

Dog fur gets used in "hair booms" to soak up oil spills


...and foil gets recycled into new foil!


To find out more, visit Sustainable Salons website