Ultimate Soft Slicker Brush
Ultimate Soft Slicker Brush
Ultimate Soft Slicker Brush
Ultimate Soft Slicker Brush
Ultimate Soft Slicker Brush
Ultimate Soft Slicker Brush
Plush Puppy

Ultimate Soft Slicker Brush

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The Plush Puppy® Ultimate Soft Slicker Brush promises durability and flawless brushed results every time. This dog brush is of ergonomic design to lessen strain on the groomer’s hands while at the same time offering maximum brush contact. It is ideal for abolishing loose hair, de-matting and individualising all coats of various types and lengths.  

To achieve ultimate quality, Plush Puppy® choose pure natural rubber to make the flexible aeroelastic cushion. Pure rubber has some natural characteristics that you may experience with this brush:

1. The natural rubber may fade over the first few months.
2. It may also produce a natural ‘bloom’ that is a white powder depending on environmental conditions.

Both of these are known natural processes of rubber, and neither will detract from the performance or outcomes required by this high quality brush.

The soft pure rubber aeroelastic cushion houses Nickel plated ‘no rust’ pins at the optimum angle for softness and effectiveness. These pins penetrate through the dogs coat without excessive pulling on the hair or scratching the skin.  The handle is of ergonomic design and crafted from high-quality Beechwood.   

The Ultimate Soft Slicker Brush ensures a gentler, more comfortable brushing experience.  A ‘must-have’ brush in every professional groomers kit and truly the best slicker on the market.

The Ultimate Brush Range by Plush Puppy®  – Expertly manufactured using high quality materials to ensure optimal brushing results for all coat kinds. Designed by professional groomers.

A beautifully crafted dog grooming brush exclusive to Plush Puppy.

  • Premium Beechwood handle
  • Angled stainless steel pins
  • Nickel Plated ‘No Rust’ Pins
  • Aeroelastic secure pure natural rubber base


  • Overall Length 180mm
  • Brush Head 70mm x 120mm
  • Handle Length 115mm

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