What makes Spitz Groom Different?


Most Groomers

Spitz Groom

Fast turnover of dogs (e.g 45 min average for a Japanese Spitz)

Appointments are generous (e.g. 3 hour average for a Japanese Spitz)

Refuse aggressive dogs

Accept aggressive dogs if owners are willing to participate with us in building a rehabilitation program for the dog.

Shave knots / matts without hesitation

Will try everything possible to de-matt the coat with an absolute last resort being shaved. 

Will always seek owners permission prior to any shaving taking place.

Blow dry and leave dead hair in the coat

Thoroughly removes dead coat, and combs through with the aim of being able to use a fine-tooth-comb through the entire coat. Sometimes, owners may be sent home with homework if we do not have time to groom the dog in the time allocated.

Use stripping tools to de-shed

Use a combination of high velocity dryers, combs, slickers and brushes only, which do not damage the coat.

Some hand-stripping may be necessary where there is a build-up of fused dead coat. 

Mandate appointment frequency at 6 week intervals

Recommend average time between appointments is 3 months for most breeds unless owners do not have time to groom at home or want a suuuper clean dog.

Use everyday products

Specific use of products to reduce shedding and enhance the coat condition, texture and volume.

We invest in the very best products available and are always experimenting to improve the outcomes. 

Sell inappropriate tools for home maintenance / sends you to a pet shop to buy inappropriate tools

Sell a range of appropriate tools for home maintenance which you will not find in pet stores. The range we sell is the range we use in store, and it will last a lifetime. 

Available to discuss correct use of tools even outside of business hours.