We understand that you have many choices when it comes to dog grooming services for your double-coated dog, and would like to share with you some of the reasons which makes Spitz Groom unique in alignment with our values. 


Compassion & Kindness:

  • Our beautiful and modern salon has been co-designed in conjunction with animal behaviourist Nicola Gunton. 
  • Dogs are encouraged to relax and fall asleep during a groom as our appointments are significantly longer than those of our competitors.
  • Low-volume environment, averaging a maximum of 2 appointments per groomer per day.
  • Breaks are offered to dogs as often as necessary to ensure their comfort.
  • A cageless environment allows dogs to roam free throughout our large and secure space.
  • Multiple grooming rooms to cater to those dogs who are fearful of other dogs.
  • The relaxing atmosphere of our salon is maintained by using a combination of essential oils and Adaptil diffusers.
  • We offer complimentary homeopathic remedies to anxious dogs, utilising oral flower essence (popularly known as 'Rescue Remedy') which is known to reduce stress and tension.


Commitment to Quality Care:

  • State-of-the-art grooming equipment to cater for the individual needs of each dog.
  • Use of super-premium grooming products such as Plush Puppy, iGroom, and Isle of Dogs.
  • Super-premium snacks made available from dehydrated human-grade meats (preservative and additive free).
  • Commitment to "no shortcuts" in our procedures. For example, we will not clip/shave your dog's coat unless it is completely unavoidable, and we have your permission.


Respectful Collaboration:

  • Allowing owners to stay with their dog during a grooming procedure if required. 
  • Working with clients to provide a service which suits their needs and budgets.
  • Offering mentoring and training to our clients to assist them in maintaining their dogs' coats between grooms.
  • Keeping communication open for the duration of a groom to ensure owners are aware of how the groom is progressing. 
  • We understand that our clientele are very busy! That is why we offer complimentary day-care on the day of treatment for all of our clients. 
  • Approximately 80% of the fur that we collect from dogs is recycled! The raw fibre (fur) is kept separate by breed, bundled up and sent to our friend Marion at "Spinning Pets Yarn" where it is spun into balls / skeins which can then be turned into anything from scarfs and hats to cushions and blankets. 

Relentless Improvement

  • Professional development of all team members to ensure knowledge is kept current.
  • Continuous customer surveys to identify areas of improvement.
  • Working with manufacturers and vendors to develop our own range of tools and equipment.
  • Continuity of care through the implementation and maintenance of detailed customer records.


  • COVID protocols are in place to ensure the safety of our staff and visitors at all times.
  • Our tools, equipment and space are cleaned daily through the use of UV sterilisation, steam cleaning and veterinary-grade disinfectants.
  • Deep cleaning is performed frequently in addition to daily cleaning to ensure that all areas are maintained to an exceptionally high level of cleanliness.