Establishment of Spitz Groom – The face behind the name

Rebecca became a member of the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) in 2013 and was a recognised breeder, also showing her multiple German Spitz dogs’ in competition to championship titles. In 2015, she underwent neck surgery to fuse two discs in her neck, and was subsequently unable to groom and show her own dogs for competition… she entrusted the grooming of her show dogs and pet dogs to professional groomers, but quickly established that there was a lack of understanding of both temperament and coat type amongst professional groomers.

After taking a career break from IT consultancy, Spitz Groom was established in 2016. The business has developed beyond her wildest dreams, and she is so grateful to all of her customers for their support over the years. As far as we are aware, Spitz Groom is the only grooming salon in the world to offer double coated grooming as an exclusive service.

Rebecca no longer shows or breeds dogs; these days she puts all of her love and passion for dogs into Spitz Groom. She loves to help others learn the best ways to care for their dogs and their coats.