Treat Packs / Treat Hampers
Treat Packs / Treat Hampers
Treat Packs / Treat Hampers
Spitz Groom

Treat Packs / Treat Hampers

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Introducing our TREAT HAMPERS!

Perfect for those who can't make decisions, or simply lack the time... 

Also perfect as a GIFT!!!


We have been wanting to offer these for some time, so this is an exciting step forward. 


Each hamper consists of:

- 4 x 100g bags of treats

Starlight Hamper contains $40 worth of treats
Firefly Hamper contains $60 worth of treats
Diva Hamper contains $80 worth of treats
(Our range of dehydrated treats meet our very high standards; They are all free of preservatives and additives, made in Australia, using Australian human grade ingredients)

- 4 x Biodegradable 'countdown' poo bag rolls (15 bags per roll)

(further information on poo bags can be found HERE)


Hampers are available as a once-off purchase, or as part of a subscription service.


Notes for Subscriptions:

- All new monthly subscriptions will come with a BONUS Spitz Groom poo bag holder valued at $15! These are so fantastic, and also double as a treat pouch! They can be attached to any lead, and can be attached to harnesses too (making them look like a mini doggy backpack!) 😍

- For those choosing a subscription service, we will be rotating the treat options so that your dog can experience our full range of treats, and never get bored with their selection. 

- If your dog has an allergy or sensitivity to a particular meat, please let us know in your order comments so that we can avoid using those meat products in your package. If you have an active subscription and discover a new allergy or sensitivity, please email us and we will amend your profile. 


As this is a new offering for us, there could be some changes or teething issues. Please bare with us as we find our feet, and feel free to reach out if there is any feedback you may have for us...

(we would actually LOVE to hear from you and genuinely appreciate all feedback)


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