Super-Groom II Comb with Rotating Teeth
Super-Groom II Comb with Rotating Teeth
Super-Groom II Comb with Rotating Teeth
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Super-Groom II Comb with Rotating Teeth

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Super Groom II Pet Comb with fine-spaced Rotating Teeth cleans skin and coat. Best Seller Small Breeds. Classic Black.


Super Groom II comb has 30 silky smooth fine-spaced rotating teeth that move and glide to lift out loose hair and clear small mats.  Rotating teeth are much more gentle to pet hair and skin. Rounded smooth tips stimulate natural oil production in the skin preventing crust build up and itchy skin. Rotating teeth comfort and calm pups and felines during grooming.  Made in USA. 


Super Groom II: 30 silky smooth fine-spaced teeth rotate and glide lifting out loose hair and clearing small mats with ease.  Rotating teeth move and glide which greatly reduces the pulling on pets tender skin.  Rotating teeth are gentle  and extremely effective and provide more comfort to pets during grooming.  

Best Comb for Dogs including: Yorkies, Havanese, Lhapa Apso, Maltese, Australian silky Terrier,  Wheaten Terriers and more                                                                                                                   

Best Comb for Cats including: Ragdoll, Persian,Maine Coon, Noregian Forest, Himalayan, Balinese, Birman, Cymric Javanese, Somali

Removes small mats with ease. Rotating teeth move and glide making mat removal easier. Silky smooth stainless pins stop static build up and glide through mats and deep clean skin. Hold mat at skin level and work mat from outer tip toward skin. Rub mat with a small amount of cornstarch to soften.

Stimulates circulation: rotating teeth gently massage the skin increasing circulation, stimulating natural oil production, preventing crust buildup and reducint itch.  Natural oils are the part of the pups natural defense against dry skin.  Daily combing and brushing spreads natural oils through the coat improving health and increasing coat sheen.

Never Tarnish: solid stainless-steel teeth never tarnish; can be safely disinfected in solutions preventing the spread of dander.  Stainless-steel natural prevent static build-up in the comb.

Secure binding: pins are sonic welded in the spine preventing harm to children and pets.

Made in USA manufactured and hand assembled by the Untangler Team at Steven Plastics Inc, Hoffman Estates, Illinois,


Testimonial supplied from Untangler:

Rosemary Sutton of Summer Winds Kennel (USA) holds the record for the most AKC Champion Afghans ever bred for over twenty five years. She highly recommends Untangler Combs for superior mat clearing, grooming and finishing. We have included a picture of her and one of her prizewinning Afghans in the pictures! 


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