Slicker Brush - Long Pins / Medium Size / Soft
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Slicker Brush - Long Pins / Medium Size / Soft

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Simply the best professional slicker brush ever made, and so perfect for double-coated breeds!
Long comfortable handle with contoured grip supports the perfectly curved head allowing easy access to difficult to reach places.
  • Long angled pins for deep penetration of the coat. You wont find another slicker on the market with pins as long as these.
  • Flexible padded cushion for gentle, easy brushing.
  • Removes loose undercoat fur. I use a slicker after I have loosened a shedding coat with a comb. Also used when trimming feet into a cat foot. Some cheaper brands can damage the coat, but these are much gentler than any I have ever come across before which is why I choose to stock them with pride.

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