Shark Cartilage
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Shark Cartilage

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Our shark cartilage is 100% Australian. Our raw shark comes from Australian registered and ecologically sustained and managed licensed fisheries.                                                                       

It has not but been sent overseas to be processed and sent back and sold as an Australian product. Just because it says Australian doesn’t mean it is, we know ours is as we source the raw product, and we make the finished product!

We process the cartilage at low temperatures and humidity thereby preserving the nutritional integrity of the cartilage without modification with our exclusive Nutrieseal™ process. Our dehydration process enables a variety of Shark products to be produced and pasteurised without the use of artificial colourings, preservatives or additives, and all the natural goodness and aroma is retained. 

Scientific research suggests there is some evidence that shark cartilage used as a supplement may slow cartilage breakdown in the joints or repair damaged cartilage. Great chew for dogs of all sizes.

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