Saint Roch 3-row Dematter and Rake
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Saint Roch 3-row Dematter and Rake

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3 rows of steel pins specially mounted through a metal plate set in a wooden paddle handle. Used for all breeds with matting undercoat, it is especially effective for freeing mats which are too close to the skin to be handled with a regular dematter. 

Instructions for use: Gently Comb the coat with the Saint Roch Rake in the direction of the hair growth using a light stroke, repeat if necessary. Do not apply too much weight or downward pressure as you comb through the coat. If the coat is matted, use the rake in combination with the Show Tech Matbuster or Mat splitter. 

Warning: This is a sharp tool, children should not be permitted to use the Saint Roch Rake. Must be used with caution near skin folds, skin edges, nipples, dew claws, genitals, ears, base of hind legs, eyes and any other sensitive areas.

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