Pet Comb with Rotating Teeth 7"
Pet Comb with Rotating Teeth 7"
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Pet Comb with Rotating Teeth 7"

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7″ Dual-Spaced Pet Comb with rotating teeth 

Untangles mats with less pain and pulling on your pets undercoat. 55 silky smooth, dual-spaced teeth rotate and glide making mat removal a bit easier.  The narrow spaced teeth help to wiggle out tight mats with care and then used wide spaced teeth to comb through the coat and groom without the need to change combs.  Many love the convenience of the Untangler all-in-one comb.  

Made in the USA.

Dual-spaced 55 tooth comb with silky smooth rotating stainless-steel effectively cleans skin and narrow teeth clear tight mats.  ently untangles small mats: Rotating teeth lift loose hair and untangle small mats.  Teeth rotate and glide through your pups coat and significantly reduces painful pulling.  Note: Use a touch of cornstarch on thick mats to help loosen. Hold mat at the skin level and work from the hair tip toward the skin to untangler the mat.  

Rotating Teeth stimulate circulation in skin:  Rotating teeth massage the skin increasing natural oil production.  Natural oils prevent protect the skin and coat from drying out and reduce disease.  After mat removal, Untangler recommends Brushing the coat thoroughly. Untangler PRO Brush T906PRO is an excellent tool for overall brushing.  Using a stainless-steel pin Brush like the Untangler PRO, reduces mat build up and shedding.  Daily Brushing keeps skin healthier and gives your pups coat a natural sheen.

Never Tarnish: solid stainless steel teeth never tarnish; can be safely disinfected in solutions preventing the spread of diseases.

Secure binding: Patent design allows pins to float free in the spine but are securely sonic welded in a binding to stops them from from falling out and injuring children and pets.

Recommended for Medium thick coats and wire coats;  Terriers,  Maltese, Yorkshires, Afghan Hounds, Havanese,  Bernese, German Shephards, Pyrenees Shepherds, Portuguese Water Dogs, Komondors, Griffons and many others.

Made in USA: manufactured, hand assembled in Hoffman Estates IL USA

Testimonial supplied from Untangler:

Champion Briard Breeder Nicole Mueller

Untangler grooming combs are best for my Breed. Especially the this 7” dual spaced Comb.  It’s quick work with the dual spacing and i can verify it is humane.  I also use the Professional Grooming rakes daily.  The combs and rakes work very well on my breeds because of the material.  The stainless teeth are smooth and the rotation keeps hair from catching on the pin and pulling, so my Briards aren’t in pain.  The results are spectacular.  I recommend Untangler for professional results.

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