Paw Friction
Paw Friction

Paw Friction

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Paw Friction decreases sliding on smooth floors, increases mobility and reduces risk of injury (or re-injury). 

It is most effective for dogs with:

  • Arthritis and old age
  • Confidence issues (reluctance to walk on smooth surfaces)
  • Neurologic conditions (degenerative myelopathy, disc disease, lumbosacral instability, brain tumours)
  • Orthopaedic issues (fractures, ACL injuries, patella luxation)
  • Postoperative recovery: (back surgery, knee surgery (TPLO, TTA, lateral suture), amputations)
  • Increasing the success of rehabilitation / physical therapy

Each kit contains 35g granules and 4 tubes of adhesive which is said to support 8-16+ applications. Applications last on average 7 days, however don't be alarmed if the first few applications last less time; keep in mind that your dog will need to get used to "wearing" this product. 

Paw Friction was design by a veterinarian with your dog's health in mind, Every component is non-toxic and safe for you, your dog and your home.

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