Mackerel Fish Bites
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Mackerel Fish Bites

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Mackerel Fish Bites are a healthy and natural dog treat, filled with omega 3 to improve your pet’s coat, cognitive, and joint health. They are also lean meat and rich in protein to keep your dog strong. The treats are made using only Australian grey mackerel, caught sustainably in Northern Queensland.

They are dehydrated to ensure they retain the nutrients. They are the perfect size for using as a high reward when training. Plus dog and cats alike just love the taste!

Tip: Use these treats as a quick reward to help train your dog when they are doing something good. Try using a clicker to tell them the instant they portrayed good behaviour and follow-up with the treat soon after. The clicker ensures they know what they did correctly immediately. Otherwise by the time you treat them they might be doing some other behaviour. Soon your dog will replicate the good behaviour and down the line, you can slowly remove the treat as the reward and replace with a pat or praise etc. This reward-based training will work for all manner of behaviours from the basics of sitting and staying, to jumping up at the door, barking, through to complex trick.

Note that we do not monitor stock quantities of this item due to the fluctuation of stock. In the instance where we do not have sufficient inventory to fulfil your order, we will inform you to discuss.

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