Kangaroo Ribs
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Kangaroo Ribs

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Our Kangaroo ribs are an all-natural chew rich in flavour and protein. Don’t dare compare our kangaroo ribs to other kangaroo ribs on the market. Our kangaroo ribs are NOT dried using extreme heat (cooking, blowing hot air).

Our kangaroo ribs are dried using low temperature moisture extraction through refrigeration our ribs take a genuine 60 hours to dry.

All products are dried in a hermetically sealed chamber (no air from outside), the low temperature moisture extraction and the re-circulation of the drying air retains the maximum amount of flavours and aroma in the treat and has the minimum effect/degradation of organics/nutrients within the treats structure. Our Australian made Loyalty Pet Treats Kangaroo Ribs promotes anti-inflammatory properties & enhances immunity.

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