Kangaroo Lumbar Tails
Kangaroo Lumbar Tails
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Kangaroo Lumbar Tails

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100% Australian Kangaroo Lumbar Tails, sourced from human-grade facilities. 

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia

No additives.

Preserved for shelf-life using dehydration, without the use of unnecessary preservatives. 



Packed with protein and omega-3, kangaroo dog treats are an excellent low-fat alternative to other types of dog food. From boosting your dog’s immune system to improving their bone density, kangaroo meat offers a range of benefits. It’s great for canines of all shapes and sizes, especially those that require a lean diet for their health.

On average, these Kangaroo tails are around 15-20cm in length but some can vary outside of this. Thickness can vary slightly depending on size of roo and part of tail but are generally within the 6-7cm range on average but some can be either side.

Lumbar halves are split lengthways, so the thickness would be around 3-4cm on average with the same length as the wholes. 


Especially suitable for:

Long Lasting – Medium to Large Dogs

Low Fat Dog Treats (Under 10%)


Nutritional Analysis:

Metabolisable Energy (Kcal/100g): 311

Minimum Protein % : 42

Minimum Fat % : 7

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