Finishing pipe (for pet dryer)
Finishing pipe (for pet dryer)
Finishing pipe (for pet dryer)

Finishing pipe (for pet dryer)

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When added to a compatible Aeolus dryer, this 'finishing pipe' can be used to achieve hands free drying. 

Adding a finishing pipe to a velocity dryer is a more cost effective option than purchasing a traditional hands-free (stand) dryer as it can do both hand-held drying and hands free drying.

'Hands-free' drying is particularly useful for dogs with long flowing coats, dogs that are prone to getting a wave in their coat and dogs that are particularly nervous around dryers. Similarly, there are many benefits for the humans too, particularly those with hand or wrist issues. 

With just one hand, the flexible pipe can be quickly removed and replaced with the finishing pipe. To fully benefit from the flexibility this solution offers, we recommend that the dryer is fitted to an adjustable stand.

Please feel free to contact us to arrange a demonstration (if you live in Melbourne)


Compatible Dryers:

Cyclone Dryer (TD901T)

Aeolus Aeolian Blaster Dryer with Heater (T-TD901GT)

Mango Super Dryer (TD901MT)


Optional Accessories:

Dryer stand


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