Cable Grooming Noose / Loop / Leash Handle

Cable Grooming Noose / Loop / Leash Handle

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These are by far our FAVOURITE grooming nooses!

Not only is the quality second to none, but they are super strong, light weight and they also don't get that gross funky smell like the fabric-based grooming nooses get. This product is made in the USA and is made from a heavy-duty steel wire, dipped in a plastic coating. A soft rubber chin rest makes the noose that little bit more comfortable for the dog (if they tend to move around a bit while being groomed) and the plastic toggle stays firmly in place for even the Houdini dogs!!As a remarkable and quite genius twist, this grooming noose can also be used as a short leash! Simply attach the parrot clip to your dog's collar, and use the soft rubber chin strap as a comfortable handle! The cables are weight-rated to a max of 13.5kg of weight, so we would not recommend using this as a leash on a dog heavier than this.  Safety warning: Never leave a dog unattended whilst in a restraint. 

colours vary based on length

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