Anti Splash Bowl
Anti Splash Bowl
Anti Splash Bowl

Anti Splash Bowl

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Our Anti-Splash Pet Bowl is the perfect bowl for keeping your pets water in the bowl, where it belongs! With a covered design, this bowl prevents evaporation and minimises contamination from dust and food, so that your pet has clean water for longer!

With a 2 litre capacity, this bowl is designed with a floating disc to prevent your pets fur becoming wet and your floors soaked! It can also help slow down the rate of drinking, which ensures your pet cant guzzle their water too quickly and regurgitate.

We have been using one of these for a few years now at home and it's been an absolute game changer as Auska no longer dips his entire chest in the water bowl, and subsequently we never get any clumping of fur around this area. 

This product is also suitable for in-car use, as the anti-splash design effectively stops water sloshing about. It is easy to clean, as all parts are dishwasher safe.

Each bowl comes equipped with one charcoal filter. We recommend replacing the filters every 3 months. Spare filters are also available to purchase in store or through our site.

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