Soft Pin Triangle Slicker Brush
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Soft Pin Triangle Slicker Brush

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Professional Series soft pin slicker brushes are perfect for brushing pets with fine and delicate coats or pets with sensitive skin. 

Clever triangle shape is ideal for sensitive hard to reach areas. 

Rounded corners will not catch hair and the stainless steel pins gently ease out tangles and mats and remove dead and shedding hair, leaving a clean and healthy coat.

Comfortable, ergonomic, non-slip handles make Animal House Professional Series SOFT PIN SLICKER BRUSHES a dream for both groomer and pet.



Use gentle strokes, allowing the pins to ease through any mats or tangles whilst removing dead and shedding hair. Brush gently to avoid contact with the dog's skin.


Length of slicker head: 8cm
Base of slicker brush head width: 4.5cm
Overall length: 18cm

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