Our Process

When a dog is brought to us for a grooming session, we have key priorities that we take very seriously. These priorities are, in our eyes, an essential part of the process in dog grooming for double-coated pets. Among other things, we focus on:

  1. Comfort and care before, during, and after treatment. Every dog that comes to us is given as much as 100sqm to roam around within when not on the grooming table. This allows for easy exploration, relaxation, and breaks during grooming to minimise stress. Fresh drinking water is also provided, as well as preservative-free treats.
  2. De-sensitisation. Not every dog enjoys the grooming aspect, so we look to find ways to ensure your dog feels comfortable during their grooming experience. Regardless of their age or their typical personality, we’ll make sure your dog can learn new tricks to enjoy grooming.
  3. Reduction in shedding. A key problem for many dog owners is finding their dog sheds too much around the house. By using quality treatment, the best tools, and a real attention to care, we can reduce the amount of fur that your dog sheds.
  4. Education around the key aspects of grooming. As a dog owner, you can learn a lot from our service. We can show you the best tools to use, how to use said tools, and ensure that results are both consistent and quality.

It’s thanks to this thorough, determined process that we have clients who travel from as far as New South Wales to use our service. We also regularly provide mentorship and education to dog groomers across the world.