Wild Whiting
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Wild Whiting

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Humans prize our Naturally Wild Caught Whiting for their delicate and distinct flavour, and pets will jump through hoops to get to these fish delights. Both dogs and cats can eat them. They vary in size from approximately 10 to 20 centimetres each. For smaller dogs and cats they can be  easily broken up. 

These fish are the winner in helping to improve your pets overall coat health and appearance, including dry, itchy flaky skin & flea allergies, and promoting clean, healthy teeth & gums. They are a healthy lean protein and a good source of vitamin B and magnesium; fish can help the risk of digestive disease, heart attacks and help improve blood circulation. Fish supports joint health and helps with kidney disease and some cancers. Our Naturally Wild Caught Whiting will keep your dog’s tail wagging & your cat purring. Why? Because dogs and cats will taste and smell the difference, been a wild-caught fish, they have so much more flavour than farmed fish and using our exclusive Nutrieseal® technology process we intensify those properties.
Nutrieseal® does what other processes do not do. Nutrieseal® ensures minimal interference with the raw product and ensures that the nutrients are retained and not damaged. Unlike many other processors that dehydrate/airdry or cook, they are denaturing through heat, and they do destroy most of the goodness and benefits, just look at their nutritional analysis.

Claims that freeze-dried meat is safe for your pets, well the truth is the freeze-drying process does not kill bacteria, in fact, freeze-drying locks in the bacteria. If the meat before drying is not quite right, there is the chance of an unfriendly product that could cause harm to your pet’s health. So, the question is how safe are freeze dried meat or offal treats for your pets?
The way freeze-drying can deal with bacteria in meats is to cook the meat first, then use the freeze-drying process to dry the product. So, this question is how raw are some freeze-dried meat or offal treats?

Fact, Nutrieseal® intensifies all the goodness. Nutrieseal® purified air kills airborne bacteria as well as bacteria on the surface of the food and process equipment making our treats far superior to anything else on the market today. Pets prefer our treats and we know they will prefer our Naturally Wild Caught Whiting over any inferior treats on the market.

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