Appointment Durations

In order to build structure to our appointment system, dogs are booked in based on an average appointment duration for the requested service.

Our database of averages has been developed in-house over the past three years, and it is constantly being reviewed and revised to ensure we are providing accurate and up to date information. 

Estimates of grooming time are published within our booking system, however these are subject to change. While we try to factor in a small time-buffer for each appointment based on averages, on occasion, an unexpectedly matted or difficult dog may cause us to run behind schedule on the day.

As we have stressed, part of the Spitz Groom philosophy is ensuring dogs are comfortable, and this means they are not feeling rushed. To ensure we are able to operate as effectively as possible while honouring our philosophy, there may be occasions where we need to groom more than one dog at a time, alternating grooming exposure to facilitate more frequent breaks. In the circumstances, break time is not factored into the groom cost, but it may cause a delay to the expected pick-up time.

Keeping the above in mind, we recommend allowing plenty of time for your appointment and encourage dogs to come in earlier than their scheduled time (to settle, or to play). After-hours collections can be happily facilitated, and typically do not attract additional charges.

Spitz Groom will make every effort to let owners know in advance (where this is known / if this is possible) if we predict to exceed the estimate (or a nominated budget), or to notify if we are running behind schedule. We appreciate if owners can please be understanding in these circumstances. 

Our ability to work with dogs effectively is negatively affected when we are rushed, stressed, or needing to step away to message owners every half hour, so please allow us to contact you when we can. Of course, urgent matters will be responded to as soon as possible, but allowing us to maintain our 'flow state' is Paramount to the success of the groom.