Fold-up Grooming Table
Fold-up Grooming Table
Fold-up Grooming Table
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Fold-up Grooming Table

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Regardless of whether you are doing an end-to-end groom at home, or touch ups in between; you need to have one of these in your home! 


This has countless uses including:

- brushing station

- drying station

- posing station 😂 all those Insta famous pup's, you know what I'm talking about 😉

- you can use it in your shower to wash your small and medium breeds on-top (saves your back from bending over bathtubs or washing on the shower floor or laundry sink!)

- show-side grooming table

- teach your dog to 'stack'

- desensitise your dog to heights


I used to have one of these in my apartment and it was so handy because it packed flat and could be stored in the laundry cupboard. Its super quick to assemble and disassemble too. 

Perfect for desensitising new puppies before their first trip to the groomers. I found it was a great training tool for my show dogs too! 



  • Wooden top with static proof rubber mat, non-slip surface.
  • Simple folding method, light weight, easy to pack.
  • Including an L shaped grooming arm and safety 'noose' 
  • Table top size: 60cm x 45cm
  • Height: 71cm on shortest setting or 81cm on tallest setting (exc rubber feet which can be removed) 
  • Weight is 11kg


We keep black tables in stock, but pink and blue are ordered in on request.

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